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 About William Lane and 

The Heart of the Song





William has been a  a music teacher and a  personal development coach  in one form or another for over 30 years.  In recent years he has decided to share his system of profound knowledge  through  the power of music and/or online life coaching.


Williams search for Truth has led him into many profound and life altering experiences, including prolonged sensory deprivation, PTSD breakthroughs, alternative healing modalities, and personal development training.


His experience with Jungian psychology, selling his own product across the United States, and running the Pikes Peak Marathon have also shaped his life.


From starting and managing his own business as a single parent to working with thousands of people in his music instruction and personal development services, William has learned a lot about life's challenges and how to navigate life effectively.

These experiences, and many more,  have created the inspiration for his music and his System of Profound Knowledge.

"If your life views are holding you back, maybe it's time to step into the unknown and discover who you REALLY are." 

                                                             -William Lane

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